Albury Church has an active Pathfinder Club for children aged 10-18.  Albury Pathfinder Club loves to go outdoors, has regular camps and club nights.  If you would like to join please register below or if you know someone who would love to become an Pathfinder please share this page with them!


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The Albury Pathfinder Club provides a God-centred recreational program designed for junior and teens featuring activities that meet their needs and interests. It is filled with action, adventure, challenge and group activities while providing opportunities for the development of new attitudes and skills that produce personal growth, team spirit and a sense of loyalty and respect for God, His creation and each other.

While the Pathfinder Club exists primarily for juniors and teens, another one of its basic purposes is to bring together parents, church & community members through active involvement with the club and its members. Meaningful relationships are forged as leaders and counsellors join with Pathfinders in sharing, building confidence and working together.

The whole philosophy of Pathfindering is built on the premise that young people learn best by example. As they see leaders and parents model spiritual and social values, they too will aspire to develop their own values, loving and caring attitudes, and determination to excel in their various pursuits. This is achieved by challenging them physically in activities such as camping, abseiling, caving, & canoeing which builds confidence & resilience, as well as spiritually guiding them into their own personal relationship with Jesus.

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